Fundsup Investor Tables

Sector and theme based investor syndicates

Build your portfolio by investing alongside peer operators and angel investors.

Access top deals

Get access to vetted deal flow while investing with peers whose incentives are aligned with yours.

Invest together

Discuss opportunties, colaborate on diligence and co-invest. Making it easy to diversify your angel investments.

Grow your network

Build relations with peers and mentors and make long term solid partnerships.

Sector Specific Table

Build a network.

For sector-specific investors and operators building a network of like-minded peers.

Corporate Alumni Table

Start a crew.

Alumni of an exited company invest in startups founded by former employees.

University Alumni Table

Support the ecosystem.

Invest in entrepreneurship by supporting founders from your alma mater.

University Alumni Table

Support the ecosystem.

Invest in the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem by supporting founders from your alma mater.

Branded Table

Leverage expertise and network.

For companies that want to support sector specific innovation and co-create.

Family Table

Build a legacy together.

Invest in innovation in Europe in sectors and themes that bind you.



European Angel Seed Fund

Verified Fundsup Investor Tables can qualify for co-funding from the European Angel Seed Fund. Your table gets verified when all members have gone through the Know-Your-Customer procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can view a list of tables on the ‘Tables’ tab within your Fundsup app. Here you can also apply to join or to start a new one. Fundsup Investor Tables are accessible to all PREMIUM investor members.

  • Fill out your Fundsup profile fully. For instance, don’t forget to  add your LinkedIn url and to indicate your investment preferences.
  • Click ‘request to join’ with the relevant Table on the platform.
  • If you are not a PREMIUM investor member, you can upgrade in the desktop version, schedule a short call or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Once you’ve applied to a table, it’s up to the specific Table Captain to review and accept or reject your application. Most captains review applications quite regularly, while others review rarely. Unfortunately, Fundsup cannot provide you with a timeline when you’ll receive a response – it’s ultimately up to the Table Captain.

We like to work together with our Table Captains and provide you will all the information and templates that might help you. Please click 

There are personal and financial benefits to being a Table Captain. We love to discuss them with you during a short call. You can schedule a call at your own convenience by clicking here.

To apply for a maximum of EUR 250k from the Fundsup Seed Fund, the Table needs to become a Verified Fundsup Investor Table. This is done by letting all members go through the Know-Your-Customer Procedure. Fundsup will manage this process for the Table.


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