Nature & Climate Change

Fundsup Investor Table

This FIT focuses on (very) early-stage initiatives that can impact nature and climate worldwide. It is now accepting members to join.
Table Captain
Paul van Katwijk

Investing in personal development, nature and beyond. Supporting fundamental scientific research


Become a Table Member

Fundsup Investor Table Members form investment communities. As a Table Member, you will be at the forefront of innovation, community building, networking, and investing in nature and combatting climate change.
Fundsup supports its Tables by helping to create Table Policies, in-app deal flow and pipeline management, templates, deal making process support and possible co-funding from the European Angel Seed Fund.

Go from deal discover to deal making together

Forge deep relationships and do deals together

Informal investing can be lonely. Find your Climate Change tribe and invest together. This community of experienced and new investors prioritizes quality dealmaking to conserve nature and let it floris

A group committed to let nature florish in the upcoming 500 years

Your fellow members will help you identify opportunities and make investments that impacts climate change and the nature around use.

Get found as an investment group

The Climate Change & Nature Table is formed by a group of people dedicated to combat climate change and increase nature. Startups benefit from such a motivated group of investors and their networks.

How does it work?

Members apply to join

Applications to join this table will be reviewed by the Table Captain. The Table Captain will determine if there is a right fit. Only PREMIUM investor members can join a Fundsup Investor Table.

When accepted by the table, table members  will meet each other– passionate nature lovers, who want to invest in innovative startups impacting climate change.

A group of members is gathered

Together this Fundsup Investor Table agrees on meeting frequency, workload division for diligence and portfolio management and rules of engagement.

Discuss investment opportunities

You’ll work together by discussing opportunities, in app pipeline management and live meetings to successfully close deals. You will be supported by the Fundsup team along the way.

Guide the startup on their journey

After a successful deal has been made you and your fellow table members will guide the founders with your knowledge, expertise and network and spur them on to further growth and possible follow-on investments.

The Climate Change & Nature Table is for people who...

Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to apply to join Fundsup Investor Table Climate change & Nature when you want to actively invest with other investors to impact the future of our planet.

If you’ve already made some investments, but think you still want to join Fundsup Investor Tables Climate Change ^ Nature, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you open to joining forces with other investors and committing to possibly do more deals together over time?
  • Do you want to spread your investments more?
  • Are you open to ideas of other investors?

No, you don’t! Part of this Fundsup Investor Table is to co-elevate investing and identify opportunities for investments.

To be a member of a Fundsup Investor Table you need to be a PREMIUM investor member on Fundsup (EUR 995) annually. Investment expectation for this table is a minimum of 50k per ticket per member.

Fundsup Investor Tables believe in groups committing to co-investing together for at least 5 years, since early stage investing takes time to see return on investment. The practical, day-to-day, time commitment for this table is 2 hours per month minimum. The Table Captain for this Fundsup Investor Table will set the Table Policy for this table, so this is subject to change.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail [email protected]