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Pioneering a new world of innovation 
We aim to build an ecosystem of global innovators collaboratively working together to create a better future. Be a part of the action.
Discover new trends, generate on-demand insights and increase 
your brand awareness.
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Innovation Partners
Increase your awareness and engagement within our global network of entrepreneurs from new companies to long-standing investments firms. 
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Event Partners
Become an industry leading happening 
by introducing new technology to upgrade networking breaks and match-making sessions for your participants.
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Community Partners
Whether you are an accelerator, incubator  
or co-working space, we aim to become key industry facilitators in connecting people  
smarter and quicker. If you are looking for increased awareness & participation in your region, we can help.
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Preferred Partners
Do you offer a product or service that is specifically catered to early-stage companies? People often ask us to refer lawyers, accountants, or creatives. Contact us to find out what it takes and what you receive for becoming a Preferred Partner.
‘The team behind fundsUP and Capital On Stage are experts at successfully matching me with relevant leads to investable founders. I rely on them for a good part of our company’s deal discovery, so I can skip the flirting stage for our early-stage investments.’ 
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General Partner
Cottonwood Technology Fund
‘I have exeperience on the other side of the table as an entrepreneur. Since watching Capital On Stage from the beginning, I’ve found it even easier to invest in early-stage tech companies. Looking forward to seeing what fundsUP can do.’
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Managing Partner
Capnamic Ventures
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