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Fundsup offers a vetted community of founders, angels, investors, syndicates and partners. We connect founders, resources and capital online and offline.

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Build and expand your investor network
For early stage founders who are anywhere from idea to seed stage


Meet co-investors & launch investor tables
For operators and angels who want to level up their investing with others


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Unlock international access to capital for startups in your community

Ecosystem Partners

Sector themed syndicates, investing in world-changing European startups together


Fundsup Investor Tables (FITs) let investors collaborate, do deals together, spread risk and increase their knowledge and network. Verified tables may receive potential co-investment from the European Angel Seed Fund.

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Wilfred van Schie – new COO of Fundsup

More than one month on the job already, so it’s high time we introduce our new COO to the world. The team is overjoyed that Wilfred van Schie has decided to join in on the Fundsup journey.

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