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FundsUp is an active community of angels and operators. We support investor groups and provide qualified deal flow to help you refine your investing and build lasting relationships.

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Sector themed groups, investing in world-changing European startups together

Angel investing can be solitary and lonely. Our members embrace network driven investing by starting or joining FundsUp Investor Tables (FITs).

Join a community obsessed with funding the future

Discover ideas and founding teams that match your interest. Commission free. Join sector based syndicates to co-invest.

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Find relevant investment opportunities.

All startups are manually verified by FundsUp or its (academic) partner networks.

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Develop relationships with peers that will last for years.

Co-invest and pursue excellence together in the craft of angel investing.

Supportive community

Get support to launch a syndicate.

Connect with other angels and learn from experienced investors.


Share thoughts on opportunities and co-invest.

Diversify your portfolio and increase your chances of success.

Our impact-first focus drives SDG progress for founders and meaningful change by investors

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The best of both worlds: access to all features and join memorable networking events and dinners.

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Stories, Stay up to date with the latest

FundsUp spoke with Stefan van Cleef, enthusiastic founder of NIMBEL, the modern baby carrier that combines more comfort with an urban 'outdoor' feel.
Fundsup spoke with Brad Vanstone, co-founder of Willicroft, who shared about his background and the importance of a higher purpose in his work. He described how this, coupled with his personal frustration over the lack of good cheese alternatives, led to the idea for the company, culminating in the launch of their fermented plant-based butter, 'Original Better' (a play on 'Original Butter', of course).
Gert Jan Brand invests as on behalf of Invest International in companies that combat climate change and decent work and economic growth.
FundsUp spoke with Stefan van Cleef, enthusiastic founder of NIMBEL, the modern baby carrier that combines more comfort with an urban 'outdoor' feel.

Are you a founder?

Connect with angel investors, showcase your potential at exclusive events, and enhance visibility to secure the funding you need.

We understand the importance of visibility for startups, which is why FundsUp provides you with the tools to create compelling investment profiles and showcase your innovative business plans, boosting your chances of attracting interested investors and securing the necessary funding to propel your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joining FundsUp is quick and easy! Simply create a profile on the desktop version, or download the FundsUp mobile application from the Apple Store or Android Play Store and register. Complete a questionnaire for our admission team to verify your application. Once approved, set your discovery settings and gain access to a world of ventures on FundsUp.

We welcome a wide range of investors as members, including Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). Our platform is designed to educate and empower both experienced and new investors in early-stage startups.

FundsUp streamlines early-stage fundraising and investing by verifying and actively monitoring our investor/founder network, eliminating inefficiencies and accelerating innovation.

FundsUp is open to all early-stage companies seeking growth capital, from seed to series-A. We encourage these companies to activate a profile on FundsUp to enhance the speed and efficiency of their networking and fundraising efforts. Rest assured that all published companies on our platform have been qualified and verified by Fundsup or our trusted partners.

No, unlike traditional deal consultants, FundsUp does not take any commission from the capital that you invest with the connections you meet through the FundsUp network. FundsUp does not take stakes in startups on its platform either.

Investor accounts registered on FundsUp are strictly private accounts. No one has access to your profile other than yourself until you decide to take the next step by actively connecting with a founder. Read more about privacy in our Privacy Policy

FundsUp offers a subscription for both founders and investors.

FundsUp focuses only on making the right introductions and does not get involved in the deal execution. FundsUp therefore does not take any commissions or equity.

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