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About Fundsup

Fundsup is a highly effective investor-founder matchmaking platform. It is built for one purpose only: unlocking the potential of meaningful connections between founders of qualified startups and accredited investors.


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How it works

Founder and investor interaction explained step by step

The pitch deck

Founders create their dynamic pitch deck and get manually verified before admission.

Tailored notifications

Investors use the Fundsup app to set their discovery criteria, browse anonymously through startup profiles and receive push notifications of potential matches.

Keeping track

Founders monitor their investor traction in a private dashboard. While gaining momentum they send important company updates to interested investors.

First contact

Investors receive updates from a company of interest and decide to reach out by using the in-app chat.

Meaningful connection enabled

Fundsup enables investors and founders to save valuable time through matching real, verified individuals utilising hundreds of user generated data points.

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