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Take the friction out of early-stage fundraising through data-driven matchmaking
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Each day, hundreds of introductions between founders and investors are made.
Although, over 99% of them are considered a waste of time.

Our vision is to empower young technology companies to build the change they wish to see in the world.  We do this by taking the friction out of early-stage fundraising through data-driven matchmaking. 

Fun. Fast. Gamified.
From AI-powered nutritionists to ultra-fast battery charging, we foster connections with our unique pool of investors ranging from VCs to Angels, to family office members.

We are FounderFirst™
The founding team is what it’s all about - they are the enablers for a better future. fundsUP is dedicated to supporting founders by easing you into the fundraising process. So whether founders are first-time fundraisers or looking for Series A investment, fundsUP technology provides instant exposure to their matching investors.

We believe everything starts with great people, not only with great technology.
That’s why we put FounderFirst™.

Currently, the web-based application is dedicated to Founders, 
and the iOS app is dedicated to Investors.
From the team who brought you…
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The fundsUP founding team has been supporting the startup ecosystem since 2011 when Arjen Strijker founded Capital On Stage, an unconventional conference with a mission to change the world 
of investment.

Capital On Stage approached this matchmaking in a totally new way, with 400 top-tier VC’s pitching live on stage 
to a room 
of funding-ready companies.  
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In the past seven years the company 
hosted 23 conferences and even more gatherings connecting investors, 
founders, politicians, industry leaders,  
and even royalty; from Europe to Asia  
to the Americas.

The transparency was inspiring  
for the network’s 25,000 entrepreneurs. 
Our Alumni