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Every week we feature a new startup at Fundsup that forces a radical breakthrough. This time we chat with Aelwyn Hettinga, CEO of Omnimap.

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Omnimap, what exactly are you doing? 

Let me first introduce myself, I am Aelwyn Hettinga. Together with my co-founder Johan van Kampen, I founded Omnimap in 2014. Omnimap is a horizontal platform that enables organizations to run ecosystems & processes optimally. It connects different technologies to make them work together and simplifies process design with low-code programming. It provides both proven functional building blocks and the flexibility to customize. As a result, our managed platform helps customers to lower costs, increases innovation power & improves the quality of ecosystems and processes.

Before Omnimap I was solving complex software challenges at large corporates for many years. For me, most challenges were similar, regardless of the industry. The complex technology architectures were limiting people’s daily jobs and I was convinced this could be solved. That is why we developed the Omnimap platform. Our focus is to enrich the world through connected ecosystems where technology is working for people, not vice versa.

Where do you see its main application?

In many organizations, ecosystems & processes are inefficient and complex. This leads to a yearly revenue loss of 20-30%. And more importantly, a lack of satisfaction for all involved. Both large enterprises and highly regulated public and private companies gain the most benefits from our product. These organizations have complex processes that involve multiple stakeholders, and they often work with many siloed and disconnected technologies. Our focus is on enabling customers and partners to configure their customized software solutions on our platform to improve their processes and business success.

A good example is the project Victor at the City of Amsterdam. The objective of the project is to keep a highly demanding city a satisfying living environment for its residents. The many diverse activities in Amsterdam (road works, sewage system updates, large events etc.) all need to be managed and require permits and extensive communication. A very complex and time-consuming process. Previously a contractor or event organizer needed to apply for multiple permits in multiple systems. We enabled more than 600 organizations to work together in one system (Omnimap) to keep a city with almost 1 million residents a fine place to live.

 What is the impact of your business?

The main impact of our business is to make technology work for people and their organizations. So far, we have done so for more than 200.000 people and more than 600 organizations. Resulting in improved user satisfaction, lowered costs and increased efficiency. This not only positively impacts the competitive edge of organizations, but it also means a piece of mind to all involved. From the manager to the employee or its visitor. A frictionless journey is appreciated on all levels.

Our focus is to enrich the world through connected ecosystems where technology is working for people, not vice versa

Where do you stand right now?

We have large customers and proven our platforms’ capabilities by launching large projects such as the Visitor Experience at Microsoft Schiphol and Victor by the City of Amsterdam.

In the past three years, we tripled our monthly recurring revenue every year. We scaled the business across the Netherlands and build a generic platform that makes it possible to configure for a wide variety of use cases. This year we have been able to scale several use-case solutions across its verticals and are expanding our partner co-creation network. We need strong partnerships to reach our vision to enrich the world with connected ecosystems. Ecosystems benefit from collaborations of parties with their expertise and the co-creation of products or solutions. Together it is possible to enhance technology and to manage processes optimally.

When are you planning to go to the market?

We launched our platform with our first paying customer in early 2017 and have been commercially active since. The design and development of the platform have been a few years before the commercial launch. Today, we continuously improve and further develop the capabilities of our platform to ensure quality and remaining future-proof.

Who has invested in you and what kind of investors are you looking for?

Omnimap is a product from the H2 Hydrogenic company that is owned by its founders and team members. We, as founders, significantly invested time and money. We are looking for investors who understand the user-centric approach to software solutions and are, or have been, entrepreneurs themselves. It would be an asset for our company if our investors recognize and have experience with growing a company and internationally scaling a business. As with our co-creation partners, we look for strong long-term partnerships.

What would be the ideal investor match?

The best match is of course a person or an organization that shares our vision and our values. Work together, keep it simple and easily adapt to changing circumstances whilst remaining determined to build the world enriched by connected ecosystems.  

Best of luck with everything!

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