Fundsup partner: Yes!Delft

On the Fundsup platform you can choose to follow portfolios of our partners. One of them is YES!Delft, and it has already gained dozens of followers. Today we catch up with Polina Kuzheleva, Talent Coordinator and Investor Relations at YES!Delft.

How is the partnership with Fundsup working out so far?

It works well for us for smaller investments. Since we focus on DeepTech most of our startups need large investments. Which means our investor relations are very much tied to Venture Capital. But we do have startups that require smaller investments. This also has to do with our expansion into social impact ventures. For such teams Fundsup is a great platform.

When angel investors would like to keep up to date with YES!Delft we direct them to Fundsup. For them it’s the best place to see what is happening on our side and what is relevant to their investment interest.

Given your experiences, what would your main tip be for investors?

I’m repeating my director here, but that is: team, team, team. The team is key. To add to that I would say: connect with and get involved with as many ecosystems as possible.

And what advice would you give to founders?

Be open and transparent with your investors. That’s a general tip, so I will add “be consistent” as well. Keep them informed regularly and give everyone the same information.

What was the role of Fundsup in theWhat would you say is the unique quality of YES!Delft?

It is the structure of our programs. And we commit. We still work with companies to get them funding 5 years after starting one of our programs. We take a tailored approach per company to get them funded. It differs per company, growth stage and funding needs.

Follow the YES!Delft portfolio on Fundsup as an investor. Click portfolios and then the star next to YES!Delft and you will be updated when new startups are added.

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