Muzix – A music NFT marketplace

Blockchain, NFT, marketplaces. Buzzwords at the moment perhaps. Muzix is using those technologies to open up the music industry. Let’s catch up with founder Erik Bazuin.

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Can you explain what Muzix does?

It is a decentralized Music NFT marketplace aimed at semi-professional music artists. At Muzix we offer the opportunity to mint your music and apply a license to it with a Personal, Commercial or a Full-License music NFT. 

Besides that you can easily split payments with collaborators through our smart contract and everybody gets instantly paid for sales into their Crypto wallet. Whether it’s a co-producer that played a part in your music or maybe an influencer who revved up your sales. 

We also made sure a creator always gets a percentage of the sales. So if I buy your NFT and I re-sell it? You will get a percentage of my sale. 

Because Muzix likes to be the springboard of success we also will be hosting contests with labels to bring artists closer to a label. Through the contests they have the opportunity to earn revenue and connect with a label.

There are a lot of people working in their own bubble in their attic room to produce great music. We are really trying to build an ecosystem where artists get a change to get the attention their work deserves.

Where are you currently at?

At the moment we are working hard to make sure the marketplace technically works like a charm. We should be ready soon to mint the first song. We will start with musicians from our inner circle. Artists still have to get used to this world. They are just learning about NFTs and discovering its benefits.

Since you are on Fundsup, does that mean you are fundraising? 

Yes and no. It is also a traction test for us. Do people get it and are they interested?

We are in serious contact with one investor and those conversations are just starting. Until now everything has been built with our own resources and network. We are reaching the point where more marketing is needed. So an investor with a network in the music industry or media would be ideal. 

What is the first thing you will spend money from an investment on?

Marketing, community building, technical product development and security auditing. Those are most important.

What is your dream for Muzix? 

Music has been my biggest passion all my life. If Muzix enables me to work in the  music industry full time, I will be a very happy man. Everything on top of that is a  bonus.

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