Storro – Secure collaboration in the cloud

Storro makes it easier to safely store files in the cloud via your explorer. Seven questions for co-founder Friso Stoffer.

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What exactly do you do?

Storro provides secure storage and exchange of files in the cloud. We started in 2015 and have been pretty tech driven from the start. We are also very tech heavy in terms of the team of 6 people. They are people who truly have a passion for security and privacy.

We are seeing a significant move in business towards working cloud based. This has advantages, but security and privacy are not always guaranteed. We’ve developed an application for your laptop that allows you to securely store files in the cloud and collaborate in the cloud. You just work in your browser. The great thing is that your files are automatically encrypted. On your laptop already. And then synchronized with the cloud. What is unique is that you can collaborate on that encrypted data. This way you create secure collaboration with other parties and colleagues, while no one else having insight into your data. Us included.

Security solutions often ask whether the data or the connection is encrypted. With us it’s both. And you must look at who has the key to that encryption. Key management is often the most challenging in cybersecurity. So, we have smart solutions for that.

What does 2022 have in store for you?

The trends in the market ensure that there is more and more interest in our product. We were perhaps a little too early in terms of security awareness. The rise of ransomware and the increase in working from home mean that the demand for Storro is also increasing. It prevents data leaks and lets you work remote safely. In addition, Storro cuts every file into data fragments, so that you can synchronize with the cloud quickly. Sometimes cloud working entails too much latency and that is very annoying. We are aligned for both the demand for speed and the demand for security and privacy.

We now do everything through direct sales and website sales. In the coming year, we will also look at collaboration, networks and partnerships to ensure the IT security of Dutch companies even better.

And are you looking for new financing?

One of the priorities of this year is to attract growth capital. We want to use that money for our marketing. We may also find a partner in an investor to accelerate our distribution and network. Then you also get more of a strategic partnership. That would be nice.

Do you have a specific amount in mind that you would like to raise?

Half a million.

Have you had financing before?

Yes. We went through bankruptcy in 2020. The fundraising did not come through at the last minute. After that, we had a restart with another investor. A year later, we are now looking for co-investors.

What is Storro’s big dream?

We have innovated a lot in the way of exchanging data. Storro can even do this directly from device to device. It would be nice to expand the technology and apply it in other settings. Think of IoT applications for example. It is a different kind of sport, so not high on the list for us just yet. But I would like that.

In addition, there is the dream to roll this out widely in Europe and get more international customers.

Storro is currently raising. Check out their profile:

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