The top 10 Dutch fintech startups you should follow

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10. Nocto International

Nocto is a data-driven social media platform that matches consumers with hospitality businesses in real-time.

Hospitality & nightlife is relatively low-tech and inefficient, while being a large global market. The Nocto software solution is scalable, cost-effective, easy-to-use and effective. Its consumer app helps people to find, enjoy and share the best nightlife experiences. Visit profile and connect >>

9. Crayonic

Crayonic enables next-generation security for authentication of users.

Identity is at the core of every economic and social interaction. Crayonic develops technologies for humans and things to keep their digital identities secure and easy to use. The company built Crayonic KeyVault™ – a physical device that can replace all passwords with a simple written or spoken PIN. Crayonic KeyVault™ enables secure user authentication, digital assets storage, and e-signatures management. Visit profile and connect >>

8. Your ID

YourID eliminates the complexity out of online authentication mechanisms.

A maze of processes and requirements that you face to access your online accounts and services, can cause real headaches. YourID is the world’s first trusted identity platform that offers end users, governments and businesses a single, convenient, reusable and highly secure identity solution. With YourID, users can reliably confirm their identities across a range of services and platforms using a single credential with minimum friction and maximum control over private information. Visit profile and connect >>

7. Turff

Turff introduces a professional approach to informal accounting. 

Cost management in informal groups like student association or household communities often comes down to pen and paper. That allows for frequent mistakes and deprives you from cost optimisation. Turff is a financial platform for informal accounting in organized groups. A dedicated tablet is used to manage FMCG in canteens, student houses and associations. The system is provided for free, as ads are shown as screensavers. Visit profile and connect >>

6. FWDpay/ Your Money Rules

FWDpay redefines the way we do payment.

Since most of our transactions are made by card, making a purchase for someone often means advancing money for them. FWDpay created a solution that allows you to give and have access to other people’s bank accounts. Being able to pay directly from someone else’s account eliminates the headache of further settlement and follow-ups to get your money back. Visit profile and connect >>

5. Trustier

Truster introduces a new online currency that measures… trust.

High information diet makes it challenging to fish out authentic communication and build trust relationships with companies and brands. Trustier hopes to make the world a better place with an online benchmarking platform for trust. The company built an online benchmarking platform for trust(worthiness) using Trustcoins as a currency of trust. Trust Tiers serve as a level of trustworthiness and can be used in online or offline exposure, as a marketing and branding tool and will be auditable in a blockchain-based register. Visit profile and connect >>

4. Syntho

Syntho data solution allows using and sharing data without privacy and GDPR concerns.

Since the introduction of the GDPR companies struggle to efficiently process data remaining fully compliant with the regulations. Syntho was launched with the goal of solving the privacy dilemma: creating an open data economy, where data can be used and shared freely while privacy is guaranteed. The company provides deep learning software that generates privacy-preserving synthetic data to unlock your data and take away legitimate privacy concerns. Visit profile and connect >>

3. Eyevestor

Eyevestor makes digitizing, buying and selling shares accessible and easy for all companies. 

Small and medium companies form the majority of all companies and yet there is no place or community where their equity can be traded. Eyevestor’s vision is to allow entrepreneurs to do business through financial freedom without debt, knowing that their stakeholders support and believe in them. The company has built a platform where entrepreneurs issue shares, investors contribute financially to the growth and shareholders are rewarded by the growth in their shares. Visit profile and connect >>

2. 180.WORKS

180.WORKS tackles the inefficiency issue in the charity sector. 

Most organizations within the traditional charity sector rely on outdated models to allocate donated funds. 180 WORKS plans to transform the charity sector through the development of a global network powered by blockchain and accessed through an app for donations and funds distribution. By using innovative technology, taking out charities and banks as middlemen the company aspires to reduce the costs of managing donations by 80% Visit profile and connect >>

1. Sevi

Sevi strives to make financial resources more accessible for business entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Small business owners in Africa, South America or Asia who want to get a loan to grow their business are faced with the necessity to pay outstanding interest rates. Sevi is an IT platform and app for business owners and credit providers, that makes their financial services and transactions more efficient. Sevi offers multiple mobile banking services, all to make finances work for business owners in Africa, Asia and South America. “We provide our services in places where we can create the highest impact on people” explain the founders. Visit profile and connect >>


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