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FundsUp spoke with Stefan van Cleef, enthusiastic founder of NIMBEL, the modern baby carrier that combines more comfort with an urban 'outdoor' feel.
Fundsup spoke with Brad Vanstone, co-founder of Willicroft, who shared about his background and the importance of a higher purpose in his work. He described how this, coupled with his personal frustration over the lack of good cheese alternatives, led to the idea for the company, culminating in the launch of their fermented plant-based butter, 'Original Better' (a play on 'Original Butter', of course).
Gert Jan Brand invests as on behalf of Invest International in companies that combat climate change and decent work and economic growth.
FundsUp spoke with Stefan van Cleef, enthusiastic founder of NIMBEL, the modern baby carrier that combines more comfort with an urban 'outdoor' feel.
Jules Shertser, CEO & co-founder of, discusses his journey in creating a new project management system for construction and maintenance in wind energy, and beyond.
Ruben Smit discusses startup Sunrise, AI-native consumer lifestyle solution that seamlessly optimizes everyday moments for a healthy and sustainable life.
Niels Arts and Bas van Schijndel discuss their startup Clonable, who assist companies in translating and maintaining their international websites.
Joris Oudejans, CEO of startup Bash, discusses how he wanted to create a platform designed to consolidate everything related to events in one place.
Zsofia Kollar, CEO of Human Material Loop, discusses her shift from design to founding a company that uses human hair to create eco-friendly textile materials and expanding its European presence.
Sylvain Ferrière, co-founder of Hero, describes his a revolutionary web app that empowers concerned citizens to directly support climate mobilizers.
Founder and CEO of NEXTdriver Guido Sluijsmans explains how NEXTdriver is driving efficiency, safety, and success in the logistics sector
Lori Goff — Founder & CEO of Outland Materials, tackles waste by making revolutionary new materials for packaging.
Pranav Tetali, co-founder of Omni Wind, is revolutionising wind energy with their innovative vertical-axis turbines.
Springlab's progress has been positive since our last interview, as they successfully secured funding from Netsam Participaties, a small investment fund. Their current focus is on growth, and remain optimistic about the future, while emphasising team expansion as a key aspect of their business strategy.
Fundsup interviewed Maria Loleyt, the CEO and founder of Plurana, a generative design platform with a mission to streamline the design process for millions and make cultural graphics easily accessible for designers.
Fundsup had a chat with Lucy Bennett and Job Sesink of Ziggy Mobility, who are Revolutionising Personal Care with Innovative Solutions