Secondstage Ventures

Founders Jeroen and Remco are top entrepreneurs and specialize in (high) tech, data science and SaaS.

Jeroen Bertrams

Jeroen Bertram tells a story of his investor debut and explains what appeals to him in young ventures.

Maurits Roose

Maurits Roose presents a highly personal approach to every investment he makes.

Floortje Rasenberg

Floortje Rasenberg is a customer journey professional who turned into a startup entrepreneur and investor.

Mark Collée

Mark Collée is a corporate professional who recently turned into startup entrepreneur and investor.

Ivonne Bojoh

Ivonne Bojoh is an impact investor and a co-founder of Singapore-based GoBear (raised $98M to date).


Paul Veugen

Paul Veugen explains his unique investment strategy and his level of involvement in the startups.

Robert-Jan Van Der Steur

Robert Jan van der Steur is co-founder of Startcapital Partners  – a special sort of early-stage VC fund.

Marc Wesselink

Marc talks openly about his investments, his (life) mission and how he got where he is today.