How I Invest

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Tessa de Flines invests as an angel on her own and through angel syndicate Great Stuff Ventures.
This month Fundsup Investors Tables (FITs) launched. The drivers are Table Captains. The first is Mike van der Heijden, for the Energy Transition One Table.
Founders Jeroen and Remco are top entrepreneurs and specialize in (high) tech, data science and SaaS.
Jeroen Bertram tells a story of his investor debut and explains what appeals to him in young ventures.
Maurits Roose presents a highly personal approach to every investment he makes.
Floortje Rasenberg is a customer journey professional who turned into a startup entrepreneur and investor.
Mark Collée is a corporate professional who recently turned into startup entrepreneur and investor.
Ivonne Bojoh is an impact investor and a co-founder of Singapore-based GoBear (raised $98M to date).
Paul Veugen explains his unique investment strategy and his level of involvement in the startups.
Robert Jan van der Steur is co-founder of Startcapital Partners  – a special sort of early-stage VC fund.
Marc talks openly about his investments, his (life) mission and how he got where he is today.
In this interview, Hans shares his career as investor, his passion, his biggest screwup, and more.
Rob Tijssens shares his investment strategy and gives insights into the beginnings of the entrepreneurship.
This week we’ll feature a smart capital investor with a focus on life sciences: Victor Schut.