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Online publication EU Startup News reviewed FundsUp and we are humbled by the compliments we received.
More than one month on the job already, so it's high time we introduce our new COO to the world. The team is overjoyed that Wilfred van Schie has decided to join in on the Fundsup journey.
We have upgraded the web based dashboard for investors. It now includes trending companies and new investment opportunities.
Fundsup Investor Tables agree to co-invest for the long term. Knowledge is built up and shared. It is like an expert seed fund.
University of Tübingen and KIT Gründerschmeide connected startups can now be found on the platform
We are proud to announce that we have onboarded INSEAD as our newest ecosystem partner. 
Online publication Startupill listed Fundsup as one of the 101 Dutch Fintech companies to watch.
EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland specializes in natural sciences and engineering and is a new partner.
Key valuation drivers can be considered as parameters with the most significant impact on a valuation.
How to value a startup if it’s pre-revenue? Early-stage valuation is not an exact science… it’s more of an art.
Meet ten Benelux companies that aspire to improve our health and well-being through advanced technology.
Get ready to meet the top ten Dutch fintech startups that are about to revolutionize the industry.
We've just released a much anticipated new feature on Fundsup: "Investor Updates".
"What to invest in?" It's the million-dollar question investors struggle to answer.
The economy is suffering and the future isn't certain. How to invest during a financial crisis of such scale?