Omnimap raises EUR3mio in its first fundraising round

Omnimap has grown over the past seven years without external financing. Until they raised 3 million growth money in 4 months. We spoke to Marjolein van Hage, CFO of Omnimap, about the choices that led to the successful round.

Jawsaver got an oversubscribed funding round

Word on the investor and incubator street is that they make a great founding duo. Maybe that’s one of the reasons they just successfully closed their pre-seed round. In that round are two business angels they met on Fundsup. Time to catch up with Jawsaver.

NAQ Cyber got funded!

You’ve got to be a storyteller to secure angel investment funding. Today we chat with Nadia Kadhim from Naq Cyber, a company that secured funding.

Finsulate got funded!

Finsulate has accomplished a deal with two investors that were attracted by its profile on Fundsup.